“Then, by the will of God, I will be able to come to you with a joyful heart, and we will be an encouragement to each other.” Romans 15:32

First Baptist Young Pros Ministry’s desire is to create a community of genuine encouragement, joy, and support to young adults in this transitional season of life. Many have come from all over the country and are seeking strong friendships, Christ-focused teaching, and a place to grow in the Lord. We want to be the place where that happens. How do we do that? By equipping and encouraging our young pros in building community relationships, taking initiative in service, and giving space for real connection to happen.

Sunday Morning Connect Groups:

We know that Young Professional doesn’t equal Single, or even married! We have groups for all seasons, both co-ed and separate.

Braden Brewington / Austin Squires

8:30 am  |  Library |  Sunday | Married Couples


Allen & Nancy Legard 

8:30 am  |  Fellowship Hall  |  Sunday


Rick and Kathy Cary

9:45 am  |  Weekley-2213  |  Sunday


Jeremy Hargrove

8:30 am  |  Weekley 2213  |  Sunday | Co-Ed


Matt Belcher

9:45 am  |  Weekley-2205  |  Sunday


Katie Johnson

9:45 am  |  Office Break Room  |  Sunday


Mark Evans / John Kalada

9:45 am  |  Library  |  Sunday


Todd & Gina Kammerzel

9:45 am  |  2nd Fl. Conference Room  |  Sunday

Donna Raley

9:45 am  |  Weekley-1113  |  Sunday


Roger & Lesley Stark

9:45 am  |  Fellowship Hall  |  Sunday


Dean Patton

9:45 am  |  Chapel 93  |  Sunday

Mitch & Carla Lucie

9:45 am  |  Fellowship Hall  |  Sunday

Brent Bruce / Kevin Minchy

Wednesday 6:30 pm


Josh Waugh

4:30 pm  |  Weekley – 1103  |  Sunday


Ben Baxley / Troy Watson

 Weekley-1111  |  Wednesday 6:30 pm


Abigail Mabry

Off Campus  |  Thursday 6:30 pm


Upcoming Events:

Stay Connected

Stay ConnectedBo Griswold

Stay ConnectedBo Griswold

Minister of College / Young Professionals