Mother's of Preschoolers (M.O.P.S.)Monday10:00am-12:00pm20+Main CampusMain Campus - Please email for locationParenting, Special Interest, WomenYesOpen
Steadfast Love (Winter): Jan. 23-Mar. 20Tuesday9:00-11:15am18+Main CampusMain Campus - FMC Family RoomNew, Special Interest, Weekday studies, WomenYesOpen
1 John 2 & 3: Jan. 30 - Mar. 20Tuesday9:30-11:45am18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 1103Book, Coed, New, Weekday studiesYesOpen
Chronological Bible Study: Feb. 6-Apr. 24Tuesday9:30-11:30am18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekly Room 1113New, Weekday studies, WomenYesOpen
Ezekiel Part 2: When My Sanctuary Is in Their Midst Forever: Jan. 23-Mar. 13Tuesday9:30-11:30am18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2225Book, Coed, New, Weekday studiesYesOpen
Revelation Part 2: Jan. 24Wednesday9:30-11:30am18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 1103Coed, New, Weekday studiesYesOpen
Power of PrayerWednesday5:30-6:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Bride's Room (adjacent to chapel)Special InterestYesOpen
Financial Peace: Jan. 24-Mar. 21Wednesday6:15-8:00pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2219Coed, Help, New, Special Interest, Wednesday Evening StudiesYesOpen
1 Samuel Part 2: Jan. 24-Feb. 21Wednesday6:30-7:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2215Coed, New, Wednesday Evening StudiesYesOpen
Divorce Care: Jan. 24-Apr. 18Wednesday6:30-8:00pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley room 2211Coed, Help, Wednesday Evening StudiesYesOpen
Parables of Jesus: Feb. 14-Mar. 14Wednesday6:30-7:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2225Book, New, Wednesday Evening Studies, WomenYesOpen
Power of a Praying Wife: Jan. 24-Mar. 21Wednesday6:30-8:00pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2221New, Special Interest, Wednesday Evening Studies, WomenYesOpen
Walking in Victory-Faith in Action: Jan. 17-Mar. 14Wednesday6:30-7:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Weekley Room 2217Coed, New, Wednesday Evening StudiesYesOpen
Ladies Book ClubThursday10:00-11:00am20+Main CampusMain Campus - FBC LibraryBook, Special Interest, WomenYesOpen
Revelations: Family Study: Jan. 11-Mar. 22Thursday6:15-8:00pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - FMC LibraryCoed, New, Weekday studiesNoOpen
YMCA Men's Bible StudySaturday7:00-8:00am18+Main Campus(Offsite) YMCABook, Men, NewNoOpen

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