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Equipping Classes



Equipping Classes

Equipping classes are short-term studies designed to help you to connect to God through the Bible, to grow your faith, to energize your relationships with others,
and to prepare you for ministry service.
Find a class that’s right for you. Our
current offerings are listed below.

Precept Studies

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Precept Upon Precept – Deuteronomy: Blessing or Cursing?…

Deuteronomy: Blessing or Cursing?…

Moses led the people faithfully for forty years. They are now ready to enter the land of promise, and through Moses God tells His children how to live in that land.  Discover what God expects of believers and how we should live as His children in the world today.

This 8-lesson course is being offered in-person and virtually, on several days of the week and at varying times for your convenience. The cost of the course workbook is $18.

April 5—May 24 | Mondays | 6:30P-8:30P | CO-ED | ZOOM only | Register here

Leader(s): Melanie & Greg Crane


 April 6—May 25 | Tuesdays | 9:00A-11:30A | CO-ED | Room 1101-03 & ZOOM | Register here

Leader: Vicki Louallen


April 6 – May 25 | Tuesdays | 6:00P-8:30P | Men | ZOOM only | Register here

Leader: Bill Gordon


April 7—May 26 | Wednesdays | 9:30A-12:00P | LADIES | Room 1101-03 & ZOOM | Register here

Leader: Melanie Crane

Spring Equipping

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Spring Equipping Classes

Spring Equipping Classes

Finding I Am

What is the deep cry of your heart? That ache in your soul that keeps you up at night? The prayer you keep repeating? Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it. Join Lysa TerKeurst on the streets of Israel to explore the seven I AM statements of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. Through this six session, in-depth study, you will learn to:

  • Trade feelings of emptiness and depletion for a more personal fulfillment from knowing who Jesus is.
  • Stop living like a slave to your circumstances by training your heart to embrace the life-giving freedom God wants for you.
  • Gain a better understanding of how Jesus’ words 2,000 years ago are so very applicable to the answers we are searching for today.

The cost of the workbook for this course is $17.


March 24 – April 28 | Wednesdays | 10:00A-11:30A | Women | Room 2209 | Register here

Leader: Donna Raley


1 Peter

The book of 1 Peter finds the disciple writing to encourage a group of beleaguered Christians. These believers suffered a myriad of difficulties as they were scattered like seed to the known world. Come join us as we travel alongside Peter and hear truths sure to comfort and nourish Christ-followers of any age.


A Tuesday daytime option and a Tuesday nighttime option are available. No cost for materials.


April 20 – May 25 | Tuesdays | 9:00A-11:30A | Women | Room 1113 | Register here

Leader: Kathy Burrus


April 20 – May 25 | Tuesdays | 6:00P-7:30P | Women | Room 2219 | Register here

Leader: Kathy Burrus


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