There is a place for everyone to serve at First Baptist. From teaching to greeting, driving golf carts, or leading worship, God has given us each unique gifts to serve Him. Every role is vital to the success of FBCHville. Check out the list below to find where you can get involved today!

“But God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body…Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:18-20,27

For the safety of all of our members, we ask that every person serving agree to a background check.

Preschool Service Opportunities

SUNDAY MORNING KID-CONNECT GROUPS FOR 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 A.M. – Guide preschoolers in Bible learning activities, stories and crafts. Age-graded classes and all resources /curriculum provided. Team teaching (no one teaches alone) every week or every other week. 

WEDNESDAY EVENING KID-VENTURE – Music, Missions and more…older preschoolers rotate through Mission adventures, Bible story/activities, Music experiences and Recreation/snack rotation. All the resources/lesson plans are provided. Team teaching (no one teaches alone). Kid-Venture runs through the school year (August through May).

Contact: Phil Hoyt | | 615-447-1326

Current Needs

Sunday Openings:  8:30 Bed Babies Teacher, 9:45 One Year Olds Teacher, 9:45 Two Year Olds Teacher – 6 Needed, 9:45 Three Year Olds Teacher, 11:00 One Year Olds Teacher – 2 Needed, 11:00 Two Year Olds Teacher – 2 Needed

Kids Service Opportunities

SUNDAY CONNECT GROUP LEADERS FOR 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 A.M. – Take the opportunity to make a Godly impression in the hearts of children. Prepare and present Bible lessons and fun activities from the curriculum provided that connect kids to God’s truths. Lead teachers and helper opportunities available. 

SUNDAY WELCOME CENTER GREETERS FOR 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 A.M. – Enlisting friendly folks who like to meet new people and help others. Greet guest families, assign children to classes, and help families find their way around campus. In general, forming a positive first impression for families and helping everyone feel loved as they come and go.

SUNDAY CHILDREN’S WORSHIP AT 9:45 A.M.Music Leaders – Be a part of a rotating team that chooses weekly music and motions from our current music library. Introduce new kid-friendly songs that go along with the weekly theme.

Media Volunteers – Assist with audio, video, and lighting to enhance a child’s worship experience.

Encouragers – Sit among an age group of children to help them experience a positive and meaningful time of worship.

WEDNESDAY TEAM K-3 LEADERS, 6:15–7:45 P.M. – Join a team that leads children through a fun time of learning through Bible lessons, music, missions videos, games, crafts, and activities. Children will present a couple of special music programs. No special music skills required to serve. Everything you need is provided each week using Lifeway’s TeamKID and special music curriculum.

Contact: Mark Hayman | | (615) 447-1354

Current Needs

Wednesday Evening – 1st Grade Helper

Sunday Morning – 11:00 Kindergarten Helper, 11:00 1st Grade Helper

Preteen Service Opportunities

SUNDAY CONNECT GROUP LEADERS FOR 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 A.M. – Teach the gospel, build relationships, and facilitate small group activities with Preteens. We provide the materials to help make it easy for you to be the best leader you can be, making a difference in the lives of those you teach.

Welcome Desk Greeter- For those who love to put a smile on other’s faces as they begin their Sunday morning. Greeters will help with check-in procedures and direct those who need help finding a class. 

WEDNESDAY PHASE 45 OPENINGSWednesday Night Greeter – Wednesday night greeters will help check in Preteens as they enter the Rally Room and help monitor the kids as they start off the night.

TRACK GROUP LEADERS – For those who have a specific skill or gift that they would love to teach a small group of Preteens for a semester. It’s a fun atmosphere to help kids learn how to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God!

Community Impact Helpers – (lead is in place) serving others in our community and communities around the world through hands on projects. 

Make it or Bake it – (lead is in place) learn the basics of cooking while making fun recipes and creating exciting crafts. 

X-Treme Skills Helpers – (lead is in place) teaching basic hands on building, survival, and life skills to boys and girls. 

Music Director and Helpers – assist the music class in learning fun new songs each week. Preteens will also lead out in worship on Wednesday nights in a large group. 

Guitar/Drumming Helpers – (lead is in place) preteens will learn the basics of beginner guitar and drumming in this fun track. 

Drama Helpers – (lead is in place) have fun learning acting skills through drama and speaking. 

Sewing Helpers – (lead is in place) assist preteens as they learn the basics of sewing and creating simple sewing and mission projects. 

Robotics Helper – (lead is in place) have fun learning how to build simple robots using Lego-type tools and iPads to teach the robots to perform tasks.

Photography/Videography – (lead is in place) helpers needed as preteens learn the basic skills of photography and videography and create exciting content to promote the preteen ministry and church. 

Contact: Melissa Whitworth | | (615) 447-1351

Current Needs

Wednesday Openings: Preteen Welcome Desk Helper, Helper for Community Impact, Helper for Drama, Helper for X-Treme Skills

Sunday Openings: 4th Grade 9:45 class – Lead teacher and Assistant, 9:45 4th Grade Helper, 11:00 5th Grade Helper

Middle School Service Opportunities

SUNDAY CONNECT GROUP LEADERS – Adults who desire to connect with middle schoolers and their parents through gospel-centered relationships. Sunday Connect Group leaders lead a small group of students on Sunday mornings through teaching of curriculum, facilitating discussion, and helping students grow in their love of God’s Word.

WEDNESDAY SMALL GROUP LEADERS – Adults who desire to help connect students to community through small group conversation and Christ-centered fun.

SUNDAY OUTREACH COORDINATORS – Coordinates with Middle School Connect Groups and their leaders to help students feel missed through intentional acts of kindness such as writing cards or phone calls. 

SUNDAY OR WEDNESDAY WELCOME TEAM – Adults who want to help create a warm, fun, and welcoming environment where students feel known, valued, and connected from the moment they step in our building.

SUNDAY OR WEDNESDAY CAFE TEAM – Adults who desire to provide a rush of excitement in Middle School Ministry in the form of milkshakes and other sugary snacks.

Contact: Nate McGehee | 615-447-0416

Current Needs

Connect Group Leader Needs: 6th Grade Guys: 1, 7th Grade Girls: 1, 8th Grade Guys: 1

Greeters/Café: Wednesday nights: 3

High School Service Opportunities

SUNDAY CONNECT GROUP LEADERS – Adults who want to make students feel known, build relationships, teach, facilitate discussion, and help students grow in their love and understanding of God’s Word on Sunday mornings.

SUNDAY OR WEDNESDAY WELCOME TEAM – Adults who want to help create a fun and welcoming environment in order to help each student feel valued and excited to be at church.

WEDNESDAY SMALL GROUP LEADERS – Adults that serve as small group leaders on Wednesday nights to guide students closer to Jesus through conversation and community, centered on God’s Word.

Contact: Rebecca Espy | | (615) 447-1373

Current Needs

Connect Group Leader Needs: 9th Grade Girls: 2, 11th Grade Girls: 2, 12th Grade Girls: 1

Wednesday Night Leader Needs: Girls Leaders: 2, Guys Leaders: 2

Greeters/Café: Sunday Mornings: 5, Wednesday nights: 1

Adult Ministry Opportunities

SUNDAY CONNECT GROUP LEADERS – Adults who want to build relationships, teach, facilitate discussion, and help others grow in their love and understanding of God’s Word on Sunday mornings.

BIBLE STUDY TEACHERS – Lead a bible study on Wednesday evenings or throughout to help others grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

Contact: Ben Baxley | | (615) 447-1377

Other Opportunities

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM – Serve God through your creative abilities! There are opportunities for photographers on Wednesday Nights, Sunday Mornings, and events throughout the week. 

Contact: Abbye Chizever | | (615) 447-1331

WORSHIP PRODUCTION TEAM – Man a camera, or work behind the scenes to help the Worship Production team during Sunday Morning Worship.

Contact: Jesse Benefield | | (615) 447-1357

FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Serve at the front desk, greet people as they come in the door, help others find their connect group rooms or pass out bulletins! This team is vital to make sure every member and guest feel seen and loved every Sunday morning.

Contact: Gina Kennedy | | (615)-447-1355

Golf Cart Driver – Serve the Lord by providing rides in the parking lot each week.

Contact: Chris Brunt | | (615)-447-1343