If you are searching for a place to call home you can find it at First Baptist.

Connecting Every Generation of People to God, Others and Service.


First and foremost, we are seeking to connect people to the Lord.  We want to see people saved.  In Acts 2 “every day the Lord added to them those that were being saved.”  Our first desire is to see lost people come into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ and find the peace that He gives.

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Second, we are seeking to connect people to each other.  Read the account in Acts 2, it is obvious that they were building relationships with each other.  They were growing as Disciples.  They were making Disciples.  And they were building relationships.  The passage talks about “breaking bread together” and “having all things in common.”  Friendships were being forged throughout the body of Christ.

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Third, we are seeking to connect people to serve.  In the New Testament Church, they were serving each other.  They were selling their possessions and they had all things in common.  They were ministering to each other at the most basic levels of life.

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