Want to love on your neighbors and enjoy a little ice cream? Invite the FBCHville Ice Cream Truck to your neighborhood!

What’s Involved:

Fill out the interest form and pick a date for the Ice Cream Truck to be set up outside your house, swim club, park, etc.

The week leading up to that date, promote it to your neighbors via Social Media or door-to-door visits. If you decide to do door-to-door visits, the FBCHville team of interns can come out and help! On the day of, the Ice Cream Truck team  will show up with the truck and ice cream. All you need to do is be present, hang out with your neighbors, and enjoy some ice cream!


Interested in having the Ice Cream Truck visit your neighborhood?

PLEASE NOTE: To allow for the Ice Cream Truck to be used for outreach in our community, it is not available for birthday parties or personal events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have anything we can post? Can I share on social media?

Yes, we do! We have digital resources available that you can post on Facebook, Instagram, or send to your neighbors via txt message.

How much space do you need? Where will the truck park?

We just need enough space for the truck to park and for people to gather along the side to get their ice cream. The Ice Cream Truck can either park at the curb in front of your house, in your driveway, or even at a public gathering place in your neighborhood such as a clubhouse or pool parking lot.

How do I promote the Ice Cream Truck in person?

We encourage hosts to go door-to-door to invite their neighbors. We have created a handy little resource that you can fill out with specific information such as time, date, and address. We have a small team of friendly interns who can help go door-to-door in your neighborhood! As you go door-to-door and meet your neighbors you can personally hand them one of these resources and invite them to come. And if they are not home, the resource doubles as a door hanger that you can leave for them to find later!

Is the ice cream really free?

Completely and totally free!

Do you have dairy-free options?

We have dairy-free popsicles.

Can I bring the Ice Cream Truck to my child’s birthday party?

The truck is not available for birthday parties.

Want to go even bigger? Check out our neighborhood block parties! Neighborhood Connections are an amazing way to connect with your community, invite them to First Baptist, and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

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