First Baptist Hendersonville is a church that cares about families, values community and is full of people who embrace each other as they intentionally walk through all stages of life together.

How do we do this?

By connecting every generation to God, others, and service.

• We value Biblical Authority

• We Value Worshipful Living

• We Value Generational Emphasis

• We Value Sacrificial Service

• We value Prayerful Reliance

• We Value Relational Connection

• We Value Kingdom Generosity

• We Value Intentional Evangelism

The Church as Family

• Regardless of season, there is a place for you. Let us be your family.

• Finding a place in a new church can be lonely. But you are not alone.

The Church For Family

• Generational emphasis, next generation priority.

To know God personally, to be more like Jesus, to be the hands and feet of Christ, and to invest your life in others as a disciple-maker