Listen to any of these Wednesday Night Series Topics: 

Book of Revelation

Listen to the most recent series, covering the Book of Revelation. Pastor Chesser leads this study, and helps listeners to understand and apply this complex book of the Bible to their lives. 

Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons

Follow along on this series that covers Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, and the Judgements. Pastor Chesser and Executive Pastor Raley look at what the Bible tells us about these fascinating topics. 

Comparative Religions Sermon Series

Have you ever wondered what other religions believe, in comparison to our own? Throughout this series, Pastor Chesser and Executive Pastor Bruce Raley discuss several different faith systems, and help provide better understanding of what they believe, and how we can impact them better for Christ. 

Additional Studies

This section encompasses single sermon topics, led by additional staff of the church.

Studies will be added here in the future.