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Brandi Reiter

Please pray the financial curse is broken off my family and I. No matter how many raises I get, a couple hundred here or there, another loan or bill or issue comes up and steals it, I scrape change for food, my husband and I live penny to penny, day to day, it's weird because we make decent money but every penny is chained up, as you can imagine this affecting it's our marriage, we can absolutely not ever go on dates, let alone trips. Do you know my husband and I have been married 29 years and can't afford to ever go on vacation, not even when our kids were small? We can't even go to a movie. He wanted to go fishing tomorrow, but we don't have gas, money for brakes, like how cheap does something have to be where we can go and enjoy some time together. I have this week off. Don't get me wrong I'm THANKFUL FOR OUR WORK, HOME, FAMILY, HEALTH (REAL WEALTH) IM THANKFUL JESUS, BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME THANK YOU, but we could really use some wisdom on how to deal with the money we have and get out of debt so we can have room to at least have consistent gas money, a fishing day, a movie, and even a vacation. God forgive us for our mismanagement? Please break this financial chokehold, thank You Lord for healing, blessings and for protecting my whole family and I, we love You Jesus, and in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Received: November 21, 2022

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