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Clifford & Jennifer Brown

UPDATE: 11/5/21

Cliff had his 3rd PetScan since March 2021, due to his original cancer staging being Stage 4 Metastasized Sternum/Rib cancer with unknown primary source. This Pet showed Intense FDG Light up - lever lla on cervical lymph, also increase in extent of mild FDG uptake of the soft tissue adjacent to his right anterior 3rd rib, which previously radiation therapy was performed on along with his sternum. All the cancerous suspicions are around and in the neck and muscles that connect the sternum, clavicle saliva glands, mandible or lower jawbone and tonsils. Recommended: Direct Inspection of cervical lymph, tonsil and thyroid. Thyroid biopsy on 11/9, meet to discuss further with medical oncologist 11/10. Trusting in God that his will will lead my oncology team to treatment for healing and less pain, less lethargic. Thank you for all the prayers, and cards! Many of you I’ve never met personally, and you are fighting your own matters, I thank you and pray for my First Baptist Church Hendersonville TN family. Due to my compromised immune system, I miss in person attendance, but my wife and I watch online ( Praise God for technology)! Sincerely Cliff and Family

Clifford & Jennifer Brown

Update: as previous shared Cliff has been battling Stage 4 metastastized sternum and rib bone cancer with unknown primary source. He’s had radiation on the bone tumors, two pet scans since March 2021, multiple CTs. Please keep Cliff in prayer as a 3rd petscan is on Friday 11/5, and due to cancer light up also on his thyroid, fine needle aspiration biopsies of thyroid on 11/9. God we ask that the 3rd petscan will show continued healing of tumor sites and rebuilding of damaged bone, irradicate the cancer from his body, with complete healing. Please let this 3rd Pet show NO NEW cancer sources, and a great response for the thyroid fine needle biopsies, to show negative to cancer. Cliff and I can attest that God can perform miracles, and we are calling on him for healing miracle for complete healing of cancer. We are Trusting in our Lord and Savior ️ Thank you for our FBC family prayers and support.

Aug. 21 "This is an update; I Cliff, have been fighting what my Vanderbilt Oncology team, in early 2021 said was Stage 4 metastatic bone cancer of my sternum and 3rd anterior rib (sternum had a tumor size of a lemon and rib smaller tumor), with an unknown PRIMARY SOURCE, meaning the primary source was somewhere else. I had 5 Hotrod rounds of targeted radiation with 1 day in between each. I had a 2nd PetScan on Friday 8/13; additional cancer FDG is showing on my thyroid so more tests in October, however although not destroyed completely, the tumors have shrunken some on my sternum and rib! Two nodules near my lungs ( 1 is no longer showing FDG ( cancer light up in a PetScan), and the other remains unchanged, which is good. In November 2021 another PetScan will be performed as a gene test shows I have a rare KRAS cancer gene that mutates and travels through the body. I will beat this as I will continue my fight and Trust in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I and my wife, Jennifer, (as members of FBCHVILLE) and our daughter, Rachel and Grandson, Langston are so grateful for the prayer support from so many prayer warriors of First Baptist Church Hendersonville, and thank you all for those prayers and the many cards of support. Thank you Pastor Bruce Chesser, for calls and prayers and to Pastor Ray for your call and prayer with us on 8/13. Our prayers will continue to be for complete eradication of cancer from my body and that there will be NO Primary Source to rear it’s ugly head; we so love you all, and appreciate continued prayers, as we know like the multitude of followers of Jesus Christ, in the Bible (The word of Jesus) that Jesus performed many, many healings and miracles, and that the prayers being lifted up on my behalf and my families behalf, are being heard from the multitudes of people continuing to pray! God Bless You all and thank you to each and every one of you, many who don’t know me personally but still have been lifting us up in your prayers. We are so grateful. God is good!"

Received: November 8, 2021

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