11th Grade: Family Tree

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11th Grade: Family Tree

We are excited and thankful for the time you are taking to intentionally invest in the life of your 11th grader. Below you will find links to all the resources you ned to complete the 11th grade Rite of Passage with your teen.


Step 1: Why do this Rite of Passage?


Step 2: How to do this Rite of Passage



Step 3: Parent Guide

Step #3- Click on the link to access a more detailed explanation of how to implement this Rite of Passage.

Parent Guide Download

Step 4: Kickstarter

Step #4- Click on the link to download a document to help you and your teen understand the biblical foundation for this Rite of Passage.

Kickstarter: A Biblical Background

Step 5: List of Resources

Step #5 – Click on the links to download all the resources you will need to do this Rite of Passage.

Family Interview Questions

Family Tree

Step 6: Dev. Guide

Step #6 – Click on link to download a guide describing the adolescent development of an 11th grader.

Developmental Guide

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